Actually, what is embodied in the book, including the part that deals with Caaltuu, is among the very basic stories we Oromos heard zillions of times. Actually, the book may teach the Amhara elites and the pseudo Amharas few facts. Actually, the best reminders of the injustice are the pigheaded narrow Ethiopianists who panic fearing some truth will come out through some book and ban its publication. I am angry at those who banned the book from publication. Netsanet Publishers, a company owned by Ginbort 7,. It’s out off his hands now and I am sure the publishers know how to handle this kind of things. What is the Fuss All About?

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These include Afaan Oromo, Oromo music, Oromo culture, etc.

G7 is a middel man for what ever it is. Fallow the money and you may end yederasis finding it is Egypt who owns it. I yederasiw mastawesha they are cultured to hide everything. No part of it surprising. What is the Fuss All About? Their relentless wars against Jawar Mohammed and now Tesfaye Gebreab are cases in point.

Some intriguing facts about Tesfaye Gebreab’s “Yederasiw Mastawesha” are surfacing – Mereja Forum

It is very basic, with very basic stories. Yederasiw mastawesha best way to achieve a wide audience would be to distribute it for free. I feel guilty to read this one for free online. They surrender everything to wear Amharanized-self, and surrender head-first at that. More importantly, it mastaweeha us that the narrow Ethiopianists do not have the agenda to change the ugly course of the past.


The guy has run out of venoms. My Intelegence sources obtained information about tesfayes attempt to reach out publishers and individuals before yederasiw mastawesha task is given to netsanet publishers. I would like to know why they have made such a decision. Gebreab that you had posted.

Yederasiw Mastawesha – የኢትዮጵያ ቤተመጻህፍት

Yet, they only endorse those who talk like them, write like them, and act think like them. I think narrow Ethiopianists, who grew up under dictatorial culture and multitudes of hierarchy in every aspect of life, are culturally challenged mastaweshx disabled to understand what unity, democracy and freedom of speech and expression real mean.

The sickness of the Ethiopian political culture stinks to high heaven. Elias, just to be clear, this is my guess. Changing names by Amhara teachers or Amharanized relatives is not news either. In Defense of T. We have heard much more horror stories than what Caaltuu endured. My second reply was: Narrow Ethiopianists just need to look around them: There is nothing they show case their pride in being an Oromo. I’m surprised to just learn that 1 Netsanet Yederasiw mastawesha, a company owned by Ginbort yederasiw mastawesha, had paid Tesfaye for the book in advance, 2 Despite what I originally had thought and written about, it was Tesfaye himself, with the consent of Mastawesga Publishers, who made the book available online for free!!


Instead of facing the ugly historical factors, narrow Ethiopianists want to hide it from yederasiw mastawesha.

Mereja Forum

I personally know more than yederasiw mastawesha dozen of people, who lost both their names and father names. Yet, they dare to talk about reconciliation. I bought his previous two books. No part of it can induce rage in Oromos; it might only activate our childhood bad memories. I am angry at those who banned the book from publication.

Tesfaye Gebreab Yederasiw Mastawesha new

Unless the narrow Ethiopianists have turned themselves to deaf and blind, the discrimination against Oromo students was news less than a year ago at Addis Ababa University, Arat Kilo. Yederasiw mastawesha the Ethiopianists are mad at the content of the book? No part of it is an exaggerated fiction. You get your freedom if they endorse you.

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