AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. The labels told them to try looking at Adam. The album opens with only cello slowly building until the drums burst in a launch into an awesome riff. When most of us hear this album for the first time we think “What th hell got into Apocalyptica’s head??? Write your own review.

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Corey Taylor ” Released: In fact, many of the instrumentals follow this structure: So, this album is strongly influenced by those who helped build it. Who else can make cello sound metal?

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Cellos and guitars blend astoundingly well on all the songs of the album creating a unique sound that can be compared to no one. In the middle, the cellos stop and Lombardo collive in some very nice fills and rolls, leading us to the solo section.

The riffs worlds collide apocalyptica the best point of the album, they are great and catchy, remaining in your head for weeks. Max MartinToppinen, Adam Gontier. Is their music heavy? Cristina Scabbia ” Released: Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. The one spot on Apocalyptica ‘s record to date has been the distinct lack of a great album to complement a catalog of musical accomplishments, but Worlds Collide is very much the antidote to that problem.


This was the first and only Worlds collide apocalyptica album I have ever heard too. Eicca Toppinen Music for the Movie: However, there’s a pearl among all those shitty tracks not a pearl, more an average song, but when an average song is sorrounded by some horrible ones, it sounds like a masterpiece: The dark, powerful voice of Till fits extremely well with the music.

Worlds Collide

Cello melodies supported by a;ocalyptica riffs and quick, intelligent drumming. Stream or buy on: On “Worlds Collide” any quality has vanished from the non-instrumentals. Helden is entirely in German and is by far the best song with vocals on the album.

This s metal album—related article is a stub.

David BowieBrian Eno. Retrieved December 22, All colliee by Eicca Toppinen except where noted. The cellos here sound great and heavy and they give, on the calmer sections of the songs, a classical feeling that is pretty unique within the metal community. Wagner Reloaded-Live in Leipzig.


Worlds Collide by Apocalyptica on Spotify

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. It’s not as bad as everyone says!!!! This article is about the Apocalyptica album. No they haven’t, they just changed a little. It begins with a nice intro and then, after a quick drum fill, wow, worlds collide apocalyptica fantastic riff kicks in, supported by fast-as-hell drum work it’s a shame the bass drums are almost inaudible.

Write your own review. The speed is just down right impressive. Best Moments of the CD: II maybe I’ll be waiting for it

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