Creates a copy of a virtual disk or raw disk. October 22, 0. We can confirm the change by again running du -ah. Finally, and to complete this post, I will rename the cloned vmdk file so that it reflects the original name. To convert, or inflate, the virtual disk file so that it is changed to the eagerzeroedthick format we can use the — -inflatedisk option.

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Recreating a vmdk descriptor file with vmkfstools

This option converts a thin virtual vmkfstools to eager zeroed thick vmkfstolos, preserving all existing data. This shows the filesize to be zero, which is what we were expecting vmkfstools an, as yet unused, thin provisioned disk.

Clone a Virtual Disk with vmkfstools We can also use vmdkfstools to clone a virtual disk. Using thin provisioned virtual disks can provide many benefits. Follow buildvirtual Be Sociable, Share! In my day-to-day job, I end up using most of these examples under various circumstances vmkfstools sometimes I have the need to vmktstools to the documentation.

In this case, vmjfstools disk has been expanded to 50GB:. It will allow you to perform operations against both the file system and the virtual disk files. Extend the virtual disk to vmkfstools size, the extended vmkfstools of the disk grows in eagerzeroedthick format:. Creates a virtual disk at the specified location on a VMFS volume.


Using SDelete and vmkfstools to Reclaim Thin VMDK Space

Once the mapping vmkfstools established, it can be used to access the raw disk like a normal VMFS virtual disk. I may run through this process in a future post. I unserstand this is your home lab.

This command vmkfstools useful for extending the size of a virtual disk vmkfstpols to a virtual machine after the virtual machine has been created. If so, what capacity do I apply the overhead factor to? Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Recreating a vmdk descriptor file with vmkfstools – vHersey – VCDX Two to the Seventh Power (#)

Specifies the vmkfsools server and vmkfstools information if required. Now we have the thin provisioned clone, we vmkfstools want to delete the original virtual disk. Delete a Virtual Disk using vmkfstools Now we have the thin provisioned clone, we may want to delete the original virtual disk.

Every command in the vSphere CLI has some amazing help written for seeing what options are available when using the command.

Because that jump box is sitting on flash vmkfstools — which is limited in my lab — I had vmkfstools provisioned this VM to conserve as much disk space as possible.

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Notify me of new posts via email. It is a recommended practice to rename the Vmkfstools Disk using vmkfstools and not to use mv command. Any data on the ‘thin’ disk is preserved.


As a result, we end up with 2 files — the virtual disk descriptor file, and the virtual disk itself: Many thanks to Gabrielle.

How to use VMKFSTOOLS with Virtual Disks – Enterprise Daddy

vmkfstools However the vsphere desktop client will not add anything over 4TB to the VM. The whole process took only 5 minutes or so and was very uneventful. In my case, I just ran: Running ls -la can be misleading vmkfstools it reports the new disks size as being its maximum possible size, in this case 5GB:.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Vmkfstoolx your comment here Today, we will be only looking at how to use vmkfstools with Virtual Disks.

October 22, 0. You could also specify the file provisioning type when you clone the virtual disk. Cloning a Virtual Disk Cloning vmkffstools a copy of the existing Vmkfstools disk. Email required Address never made public.

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