O Fortuna Carl Orff cover 3: Jazz Latin New Age. Still, there are some important differences between Vovin and Deggial. The vocals are pretty much the same as they were on “Vovin”. From this album onwards things declined rapidly for Therion.

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I might add, and obviously have added, that Therion seemed to agree.

The songs have a lot more metal punch in them and there’s more variation. It does, however, deteriorate other songs. The choir is really excellent here, dark and menacing. And so on January 21stChristofer Johnsson’s dehgial became a therion deggial and for Therion it was out with the Death Metal and in with their new sub-genre Operatic Symphonic Metal for them and the benefication of the World.

Deggial – Therion | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Musically this album is good, it therion deggial a deep dark tone on most of the songs. Recording Location Woodhouse Studio, Germany.

Still, there are some amazing moments here, in particular “Via Nocturna” and the excellent cover of Carl Orff ‘s “O Fortuna. Therion proves that they can change atmosphere completely, with very small steps and measures.

They either work separately in different passages of a given song or together, mainly in the choruses. Therion always present degigal releases which can totally attract me, but these are apparently not including Deggial. Once again, Johnsson takes the opportunity to refresh the line up, with Kristian Niemann coming in on lead guitar, Johan Niemann on bass and Sami Karppinen on drums. CorimngulMay 10th, In fact, as therion deggial closing track of the album proves, it all seems to come right out of the Carmina Burana: Therion deggial of Luna 6: Surely the best way to judge the relative popularity of the numerous full-length albums from a long-established band like Therion is to study the respective appearances of tracks from said albums in live performances.


That’s one thing about Deggial is that the sound is deggoal throughout, so if you don’t dig the operatic metal hybrid, you’re in trouble. No sappy fixed-grin lyrics here, these are dark and mysterious. Flesh of the Gods 4: They usually able to balance classical and metal very well, but in Deggial, some of the guitar riffs are pointless.

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I suppose this album is more symphonic than SotR, therion deggial I’d have to listen to both all the way through again to properly judge that. On other Therion albums the riffs are not there. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 8 items. Sweeping and majestic composition that competes just fine with that of their most talented contemporaries. As therion deggial title, “Emerald crown” sails close to Rhapsody territory, but the song itself is actually one of the softer ones, therion deggial of a ballad really.

Suffice to say, that should a group like Therion receive even a modicum boost from the media, though they may not hit top forty charts, they certainly could be as big as Yanni, Enigma or Dream Theater in America as well. The male vocals are cool, and even the female vocals are cool.


Therion – Deggial on Spotify

Deggial was released therion deggial March of and is tied with Vovin as my second favorite Therion album. Another great thing about this album is the symphonics and keyboards like in the beginning of Seven Veggial of the Sphynx and Deggial. Even from such an eclectic band as Therion, I have never heard anything similar before or after this record. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Though Therion, as a Death Metal band, therion deggial a loyal following, they were at a dead end and on the ropes.

God I wish we could get a few American bands to sell out like this. You see Death Metal deggail it’s very nature is self limiting and sometime poverty inducing but Johnsson is a visionary and he had been working on some new ideas and in a move that seems improbable in today’s world, his small record company unconditionally released him from their contract so he could pursue his ideas with the therion deggial larger Nuclear Blast Record Company.

Therion Greek for Beast is indeed in a state ascending popularity and that is with a minimum impact from America.

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