Archived at the Wayback Machine. Marshmello Amr Diab – Bayen Habeit They were particularly angered at the new system of taxation, which was better enforced than years past and was undertaken by Ibrahim on behalf of the state. Tamer hosney ft egyt stars wesh – Music Album Nawal zoghby yama The origins of the Bani al-Atrash family are obscure, according to Druze historian Kais Firro, who asserts that like other prominent Middle Eastern families, “genealogical trees were only reconstructed after the consolidation of a family’s power”.

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Strash latter consisted of the religious leaders of the community shuyukh al-uqqalsing. While the Bani al-Atrash were the dominant clan of the Druze social elite, they were generally juhhalwith the exception of some members.

Tarek Al Atrash

Kamel el Guelmi Album part- 2 – Maghrebiental Album Nawal zoghby yama Album May Kassab – a7la mini el kalam Ismail died in November and a power struggle consequently tarek al atrash between his sons Ibrahim and Shibli.

Listen and download sherine album high quality. The official elevation of Ibrahim, which coincided atrasb an increased Ottoman military presence in Jabal Hauran, was met with dissatisfaction among many Druze, sheikhs and peasants alike. Saturday, 25 November The family’s name al-atrash tarek al atrash Arabic for “the deaf” and derives from one the family’s deaf patriarchs. Ismail al-AtrashMuhammad’s grandson, joined the Druze leader Shibli al-Aryan of Wadi al-Taym in his military intervention on behalf of the Druze of Mount Lebanon in their conflict with the Tare, in the s.


Archived at the Wayback Machine. In the early s, Shibli succeeded Ibrahim and contested control over Jabal Hauran which was placed under a governor from outside the district.

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This Special compilation is made by Tarek al atrash exclusively for all maghrebiental fans agrash Exotic Nights – latino Afro oriental Dj Ima Atrazh using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This Special compilation is made by Arabiental exclusively for all maghrebiental fans perfect for The latter had been a stronghold of the Hamdan clan, but was conquered by Ismail in Here you can listen online all the best tarek al atrash newest albums of Wael Kfourydownload in best quality a Tarej Alama – Bhebbak w Shta2tellak Nar The Bani al-Atrash’s founders likely migrated to the Hauran in the early or midth century, but a number of theories exist as to the circumstances of their migration.

American University in Cairo Press. Album Nawal zoghby khalass same7tek From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shibli resolved to retaliate and formed an alliance with the Bani Saqr.


By the early s, the family controlled eighteen villages, chief among which were as-SuwaydaSalkhadal-Qurayya’Ira and Urman. Peace ensued in Jabal Hauran in the following years, and although a Turkish qaimmaqam administered the qadaathe Druze sheikhdom system was largely left alone by the authorities.

Tarek El Atrash MP3 Songs

Tarek al atrash from ” https: Dolphin and Puffin browsers for Andriod and Apple users. Furthering the Atrash’s official legitimacy, Ibrahim was appointed qaimmaqam in January InZuqan al-Atrash led an unsuccessful rebellionand was executed in In the s, Ismail rivaled the Hamdan sheikh Wakid al-Hamdan for supremacy in Jabal Hauranthe volcanic mountainous region in eastern Hauran where Druze settlement was concentrated. The tarek al atrash clan migrated to Jabal Hauran in the early 19th century, and under the leadership of their sheikh chieftain Ismail al-Atrashbecame the paramount ruling Druze family of Jabal Hauran in the midth century, taking over from the Al Hamdan.

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