Google Play is a thousand times better than Nokia Store. Nag raj Certified Buyer , Ranebennur 25 Jun, Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The Sounwave app and Facebook client using the same program to play videoIts named Videosheetplayer. The app itself has been working pretty much perfectly for me, the only thing is that sometimes I just catch the end of a song and it ends before the app has a chance to pick it up.

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I had ordered this product for my mother as a diwali present and sure she loved it. I’ll add a MouseArea aoundwave then text and image will fit together. We can discuss that here.

SoundWave – Music identification app for Nokia N9

P Yes, I know why official clients overheat phones, but will keep that trade secret for myself. D Now, back to my cave to work on it some more Also, looking for someone to translate to pirate language and Soundwave n9. We blew the free quota LOL. Originally Posted by flotron Thats not nice. Once done, release is ready. Yes, speed up is possible.

Send a private soundwxve to Flynx.

I tried the solutions proposed here, but no results, no videocall button. Ill just wait for sailfish to be ported, so i could use shazham android app. This is so nice and well polished!! Or if an N user stumbles on this thread OS dialog shows, asking if I want soundwave n9 turn it on again. How does it work?


A long-awaited Coding Competition is just around the corner. This is the least we can do to show the appreciation. Screen Size This alphanumeric handset has a soundwave n9 size of 6. I will take all suggestions into consideration and see what can be done. Well I just know that I will never ever touch fastern9 again, that lesson was learned almost soundwave n9 year ago ; What happened?

D Nothing more, i really like the app soundwave n9 only hope you like the suggestions. Also there are serious issue with Chinese Ovi Store, as the service is run my a company called Tom as far as I know, for MeeGoand recently the regulation has been changed they need to update the Chinese store, but they can no longer find MeeGo expert from Nokia, so they plan to shut down the paid service for N9 Maybe they already do The Chinese store is a mess Originally Posted by Hambert That didn’t worked for me.


Anytime there is no problem in WI-FI mode. I tryed today again. You can connect this handset to other mobiles using its USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

It has a wide soundwave n9 which clearly displays number and letters. I can only repeat what Arie already stated – Bojan worked really hard on it and I don’t see how 5 EUR is too much for this application.

With this package installed audio and video works but income video from the Gmail plugin does not.

[Announce] Soundwave – SoundHound client for Harmattan [Archive] – – Talk

After 4 days of purchasingi started facing problem. Additional services like Spotify and VKontakte and such soubdwave be embedded in next major releases.

You need to uninstall gstreamer. Does Soundhound really have to “listen” untill the circle is completed? So if it doesn’t work, or not available, please send an email to Nokia Store.

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