You can download a free Altium Designer Viewer license which is valid for a 6 months. The libraries are not able to be loaded under libraries, but you can open them from the main File tab as you would your board. This may necessitate that you install elsewhere other than Program Files as suggested by nanovate above. Function stack, interrupt stack 4. The Info button that opens the Process Reference help file for the current process now functions correctly.

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Design Explorer The Auto Save feature now starts correctly. The Part field in the schematic Part dialog protel 99se windows 7 been changed to a drop-down list. Power plane connections are now indicated by a small cross in the color of the power plane layer.

Posted by johnnyinwa in forum: Similar Threads Could u help me for protel 99se to orcad9 0. Can you post the errors shown when installing or executing protelin your system under win7?

Dec 17, Design Explorer A warning is now displayed when there is insufficient disk space to save a document. Dimensions with a line width of zero could cause an error, this no longer occurs. The across then down annotation option would produce duplicate designators under some circumstances, this has been corrected. Hidden component designators are now correctly annotated.


A warning message is now displayed when a PCB component is flipped by pressing the X or Y shortcut keys. Netlist Manager now 9s9e highlights the next object in the lists when an item is protel 99se windows 7.

This feature now supports mid layer pads that have an arc or fill connected to them instead of a track. Snap to Windowws Off – the component is picked up where you click on the component.

File extension for the report listing design rules has been changed to. Viewing the properties on a Windows File System database and then restarting Protel 99 SE with that database automatically reopening, would sometimes give an error. Making things is awesome.

Can Protel 99se run on windows 7? Really need help here.

Deleting a link to a document in a Windows File System database would occasionally delete the linked file, this no longer occurs. ISE Project navigator while implementation is turned off 4.

Mail will not be published required. If you have a pre-release version of SP6, you must fully uninstall it before installing the final release.

Protel and Windows Vista

Looking forward to your feedbacks. There were so many hits, I’ll leave it to you to search and read No harm is asking, but don’t be surprised if you do not get many useful answers. A complimentary text-positioning feature has also been introduced, allowing you to reposition designator and comment strings on selected components.


Components are flipped to the bottom of the board by pressing the L shortcut key. Monday, July 4, 1: An option has been added to the Windowss Of Materials Wizard allowing the user to choose whether components with blank Part Type fields are to be included or excluded from the BOM.

Entering metric units in design protel 99se windows 7 no longer results in incorrect values.

windoqs Design Synchronizer now supports the Descend into Sheet Parts option. I was able to edit SCH documents once again!

We have the perfect program for you. PCB reannotate now produces consistent results. Gerber files with embedded apertures now import correctly previously an aperture protel 99se windows 7 had to be present for the Gerber files to import.

Component position is defined by its bottom left edge, rather than the geometric center point, and all top layer components are annotated before bottom layer components.

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