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The most interesting subjects. Allez, viens chez moi ce soir, il y aura du vin, des chansons. Home Free Guitar Course.

Zbog mene ne plači (English translation)

Ala voliv lake kale jakha, Kaj si gugle sar duj kale drakha. On Christmas eve while the bells bells were ringing In front of the Church of Holy Blaze you stood there my darling. The night of your wedding The night of you wedding nobody knew why you were crying Was it the incense or the old memories The night of your wedding nobody knew why you cried did it all come back to you The night of your wedding They dragged me away drunk my friends, the faithfull dogs conforted me all through the night Told me there were a millions of others like you and that I will get over you.

All times are GMT Rodja Raicevic – Da Bog da Hey, can anybody help me with these lyrics?


Music is playing, shadows sway Enraged by the strength of this summer vine My thoughts are further and further, and only I am here Sitting so alone, like a fairy godmother Chorus I am dreaming of you tonight My soul is now withering because of you.

Al’ nisam ja ni pola tol’ko los Ko sto kruze glasine. Rodja Raicevic – Da Bog da.

Zbog mene ne placi Lyrics English translation

Millions of times I passed in front of your window If you had only said te word I would have come with the strength of wild geese’s wings. Conscience Sociale et Economique. And I got another question placl you know on which CD I can find that song?

Because I was looking for it but I cannot find it Learning Russian – Greek You just need to put the link to your video in the upper text field example: The best Love songs. It just rush the emotions The best Math Tools. Al’ nisam ja Ni pola tol’ko los Ko sto kruze glasine. Da si rekla meme rijec dosao bi krilima divljih gusaka. I’m sitting at a place in Paris I throw a fake smile to the man looking at me. Da si rekla samo rijec Dosao bi Krilima divljih gusaka.

Prljavo Kazalište – Zbog mene ne plači lyrics + English translation

For me it means much but to you it’s a small thing, to you I’ve always kazwliste just a sketch, and never a picture neither great nor small. Badnje Vece tabs Tabs. May the time stop When everyone gathers here, We will be facing life From some other side tonight. The chord pattern is shown here.


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Samo tekstovi dobrih pjesama – nista vise, bit ce samo odlicni lirski osmisljeni textovi, uglavnom puni bola, bez obzira na zanr, mozdda ponekad i neku glupost ubacim, mada cisto sumjnam. Pred crkvom svetog Blaza ti si duso stajala. Where can we find your performance? Na badnje vece dok su zvona, zvona zvonila, – on Christmas Eve when the bells was ringing Pred crkvom svetog blaze ti si, duso, stajala, – honey, you were standing in front of the St.

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