Jan 19, 14, 0 0 30 Venezuela. Wow, congratulations, I’m so happy for you two What should I get, something old new borrowed or blue. Didn’t read the video description did you? Oh, someone did this without acquiring the license first? Feb 24, 4, 0 0 Aug 28, 13, 0 0. Hardcore gaming at its finest.

ponykart alpha

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Had to mute it. Nov 16, 78, 0 0 steamcommunity. Hardcore gaming at its finest. Gotta love the haters.

Equestria Gaming: Ponykart is Recruiting

Little girls and Bronies around the world collectively just came. Goddamn Bronies ruining the mascot kart racer genre. They should pick this project and its team up on the cheap IMO.

Initially they seem to just be focusing on making certain they make something that works properly so nothing too ambitious. Everyone goes home a winner. Dec 22, 10, 0 I’m gonna model me a DJ Pon-3 and see if I can’t give it a nervous tick of headbobbing should the opensource thing pan out.


Bronies are never alone, they got each other. Apr 3, 29, 0 poykart.

My Little Pony Kart

Gospel Parmesan et Romano. I’d rather Fighting is Magic. Hope you’re enjoying NeoGAF! Personally, I think this looks really spot on in artistic stylings and love the idea of it. Dec 12, 20, 1 1, wv.

ponykart alpha

Why are there only Chaos in the stand? I bet this kart racer will have online multiplayer. I see nothing wrong with this.

Haha, I love that it starts with a giant Hasbro logo, implying that it’s an officially-licensed game, and then beneath that it says it’s “in no way affiliated with Hasbro” and has “no intention to generate profit”, as if that gives them a pass for infringing on their copyright. Oct 1, 34, 0 0.

Feb 24, 4, 0 0 Also, why do you and grav have matching lame avatars. Didn’t read the video description did you? Jan 14, 24, 0 29 California.

My Little Pony Kart | NeoGAF

Dec 12, 29, 0 0 up my ass. Jun 1, 22, 0 0.


ponykart alpha

You must log in or register to reply here. They went with Karts because drifting and other race mechanics would be awkward to do if they were just running. Racing is too competitive so you ponykarrt do time trials the whole game. Jul 9, 26, 9 0 Mushroom Kingdom. Jun 26, 39, 2 0. The Broken Ska Record Member.

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