A Manual of Phonography; or, Writing by Sound 7 ed. Each vowel, whether indicated by a dot for a short vowel or by a dash for a longer, more drawn-out vowel, has its own position relative to its adjacent stroke beginning, middle, or end to indicate different vowel sounds in an unambiguous system. Contractions 3 pages of the commonest contractions plus a third of a page with some common phrase logograms. In most cases, this means that the first and often all the other vowels can be omitted entirely. There are twenty-four consonants that can be represented in Pitman’s shorthand, twelve vowels and four diphthongs. Words and phrases which have such forms are called grammalogues. Appendix of Proper Names 42 pages of town, country and personal names.

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Shorthaand was the version before New Era, which appeared in and which made many changes to the theory. There are some exceptions to avoid ambiguous forms: Overview History of writing Grapheme.

There are two strokes for r: Both “ie” and “oi” are written in first position, while “ow” and “ew” are written in third position. Pitman’s shorthand is designed to be written on lined paper and when a word’s first vowel is a “first position” vowel i.

The later versions dropped certain symbols and introduced other simplifications to earlier versions. Palmer ‘s novels Emergence and Tracking purportedly writes her journals in Pitman Shorthand, declaring it the “best, potentially pitmans shorthand dictionary, most versatile of various pen systems”.

Pitmans shorthand dictionary my Blog written in shorthand. It is always possible to make up an outline from theory, but you may find it ends up having awkward joins, or clashes with another when the vowels are left out, or is just too long and straggling.


He used it in the —67 trial of the conspirators behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Catalog Record: Pitman’s shorthand dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Internet Archive has a free download of the shorthand dictionary in the Centenary version of Pitman’s, containing about 60, words with definitions. Sticky note icons do not print, but the other marks do. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The consonants in Pitman’s shorthand are pronounced bee, pee, dee, tee, jay, chay, gay, pitmans shorthand dictionary, vee, eff, thee, ith, zee, ess, zhee, ish, em, el, en, ray ar, ing, way, yay, and hay.

Maybe it was a child drawing the marks, exactly what I would have done in very early years if I had had this book to play with.

The dark blue version contains Pitman outlines, and it does say this on the cover and spine. Greek Prefixes 2 pages showing the prefix meaning and examples. Check out the top books pitmans shorthand dictionary the year on our page Best Books of He had used Samuel Taylor’s system for dictionxry years, but his symbols bear greater similarity to the older Byrom system.

Pitman shorthand

The epitaph is written phonetically. I have seen the big dictionary available online for sale “New” but I noticed in one excerpt that it said “Centenary”, so this seems to be the same as the free Internet Archive download above, the “new” description probably referring to the paper “print on demand” copy that is being offered. Spine Stitched Pitmans shorthand dictionary 34 pages pages giving in detail examples of the application of the rules, some special outlines, and how proper names should be written.

In most cases, this means that the first and often all the other vowels can be omitted entirely. Including some new words; while, on the other hand, many words now obsolete have been excluded.


I suspect also that sometimes “publishing date” may refer to the date of production of the newly-printed hard copy, rather than the original date of the work. Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days When will my order arrive? Dictionary pages containingshorthand outlines all with a dotted line showing the positionlonghand word and meaning.

Padonkaffsky jargon Russian Translit Pitmans shorthand dictionary. Pitman Shorthand Instructor and Key: To represent the sound s-shun as in sessation, decision, musician etc. If the diphthong is followed by a neutral vowel, a little flick is added.

Vocabulary – Shorthand Dictionaries

The halving principle may be combined with an initial or final hook or both to make words such as “trained” appear as a single short vertical light stroke with an initial and final hook. Time for an extra note in your email signature text “Rest your typing fingers and send me your latest news and chat in a sound file so I can practise my Pitman’s Shorthand!

Just over 3, outlines are different in the two versions. However, to increase writing speed, rules of “vowel indication” exist pitmans shorthand dictionary the consonant stroke is raised, kept on the line, or lowered to match whether the first vowel of the word is written at the beginning, middle, or end of a consonant stroke—without actually writing the vowel.

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