I looked for hours via google search to remove all parts of Pegasus to no avail. Pros free, pretty much that is it Cons I installed and launched the program. Pros Lot’s of features, but not very ergonomic. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I installed and launched the program. On 8 March version 4. Until all versions of Pegasus Mail were supplied free of charge, and printed user manuals were available for purchase.

pegasus mail 4.63

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It is to time consuming in my opinion.

pegasus mail 4.63

Download Pegasus Mail 4. In January it was announced that distribution and development of Pegasus Mail had ceased due to inadequate financial support from the sale of the manuals.

pegasus mail 4.63

Advertisements or commercial links. This caused problems with NetWare servers with a small System volume and larger ones for data storage, as users often kept many large messages in their new mail folders.

Pegasus Mail Use a full-featured and free e-mail client. Pegasus Mail for stand-alone machines was initially developed at a time when the typical email user had to be somewhat more knowledgeable of the way computers, the Internet and particularly email operate than most of today’s users have to be, as PCs and the Internet have become more widespread, reached a broader audience and adapted themselves to those new users’ needs.


Your review for Pegasus Mail. Archived from the original on Pegasus was initially a text-mode application for networks, handling both internal and Internet mail, often operating in conjunction with the Mercury mail transport. The drop in usage and funding slowed development, and features that were initially to be included in version 4 were not implemented. The setup screen prompted to select network, multi-user or single user installation.

The author is basically a one man show, with some user assistance in his community, but this hasn’t been enough to overcome the shortcomings of a one man show.

Pegasus Mail – Wikipedia

Pros Was easily installed and worked right away. I think there are better choices, although I can’t find an e-mail 46.3 I like since I can’t get Outlook Express.

pegasus mail 4.63

Was easily installed and worked right away. In July David Harris announced that he expected “rough public betas before the end of the year”. Easy to used as a basic email system at first. I looked for hours via google search to remove all parts of Pegasus to no avail. Click here to review our site terms of use. Google Gmail Gadget Check Gmail right on your desktop.

Otherwise it didn’t catch anything Later it was possible, although rather complicated, to store received mail on another volume, but new mail had to remain on System. On 23 January Pegasus Mail 4.

On 8 March version 4. It’s hard to quibble when other paid email clients aren’t that pretty either, but it is pevasus program’s weakest point.


Pegasus Mail

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A list of changes and other information is linked from here. The Only Way Summary Find something else Mozilla Thunderbird Excellent mail client from the makers of Firefox.

Cons Much too complicated to set up and the only way to remove it is formatting the PC. On 2 November David Harris posted the following message regarding the progress of development on the newest release of Pegasus Mail, PMail Version 5. The best I got was an error message that the connection was rejected. It’s like the program is not there even if I made associated ext. June 7th – Pegasus Mail v4. Similar to Outlook, the left pane holds a tree list of your email-related folders, which you can view in more detail on the right.

I highly recommend you look for another email client if you have any other operating system with Vista or higher.

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