The library has been separated from gaim-otr, so that other programs can use it without having to install gaim-otr. You really have no idea in any kind of secure way to whom you’re speaking, or if there is a “man in the middle” reading all of your messages. You must possess a key for any buddy with whom you wish to chat privately. Click the Protocol drop-down list to view the IM service protocols supported by Pidgin as follows:. Now, all you have to do is start talking to someone who has OTR.

otr pidgin plugin

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OTR ort countered this attack by introducing socialist millionaire protocol implementation in libotr. Your session should already be authenticated. If both of you have the OTR plugin installed and properly configured, you will notice that a new OTR button appears at the bottom right corner of your chat window. The second stage seems political and worth discussing.

Setting up OTR on Windows

The next time you and your pidgi chat using the same computersyou should only have to request a secure connection as on figure 7 above and have your buddy accept it. Also, remember to select the Quit item from the Buddies drop-down menu after finishing your chat session! Navigate plugon your destination external drive or USB memory stick, as shown in Figure 5 below, and then open it to confirm that the Portable Pidgin program was successfully extracted.


otr pidgin plugin

Fortunately, the installation process for both the programs is easy and quick. This security release includes the following updates: Hence I’ve changed the component from WinPidgin? Create a question and an answer to it. pivgin

I think this would be a good thing for users. Click to begin the installation process. From my perspective the biggest issue is one of support and maintenance. Instead of comparing key checksums, knowledge of an arbitrary shared secret can be utilised for which relatively low entropy can be tolerated by using the socialist millionaire protocol.

– Whispering Off The Record

New per-buddy configuration available by double-clicking a buddy’s name in the main OTR window. Right click your buddy’s name in the Buddy List to display a pop-up menu listing all the tasks you can perform as follows:.

otr pidgin plugin

The OTR button now has a right-click context menu with some useful options. I’d say this is a more general privacy thing than just WinPidgin?

Setting up OTR on Windows

Click to plubin generating your secure key; a screen notifying you that a private key is being generated appears as follows:. Windows pidgin-otr users should upgrade to pidgin-otr version 3. Note that Ubuntu breezy has gaim-otr 2. Retrieved 29 November Click to accept the default installation path, and display the Pidgin 2.


Free and open-source software. Doing this prevents ipdgin from logging in and pretending to be you, if you happen leave your computer unattended for some time.

The default is now to choose a question and an answer only you and the buddy should know. Click the “Generate” button. OTR control messages are no longer displayed as if they were received as IM messages.

otr pidgin plugin

You may need the above library packages. To open an IM chat window in Pidginperform the following steps:.

pidgln Pidgin doesn’t need to be harder to use securely than Adium is. Since OTR protocol v3 libotr 4.

Pidgin automatically saves your fingerprint, and those of your buddies, on the computer you are using, so that you will not have to remember them. Archived from the original on 11 March Another method of authenticating each other, is the question and answer method.

Association for Computing Machinery.

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