The gang continued performing songs from their 12th and newest album, El Paso Gigante like: However, it was the classics like: Klandestino kicked off the party approximately at 7: I like to call these tunes part of my “Feel Good Music” playlist. Video of gondwana verde amarillo y rojo. Enterate sobre los anuncios de TjEventos.

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El Foro had officially transformed into a melting pot where fans from Tijuana, San Diego, Rosarito, Ensenada, LA and all surrounding regions had suddenly become one. Skip to main content. For now, here is a sample of what their live act is like. Fusing reggae, rock, ska, salsa, afro-caribbean rhythms, jazz and cuya as their base sacwrte, the band grew a cult following within the reggae roots scene in the late 90s. The guys jammed to a few more songs before playing Sinsemilla one more time and abandoning the stage at 1: This past September 27th, hundreds of reggae enthusiasts from both sides of the border, including myself came together to celebrate a night dedicated no puedo sacarte de mi mente los cafres the 25 year anniversary of one of the biggest Argentinian reggae bands of all time: Five minutes later, Guille pueso on stage wearing a crimson Xolos Jersey, khaki slacks, a cap and his signature smile to the tune of Caprichos and continued with the slow death of Flaca Huella.

Going home and off to the beach would also mean seeing some friends and above all, enjoying some good tunes! Vie 01 04 WOR World of Reggae. Millo Torres Y el Tercer Planeta: We’d love to know!


“YOU OUGHTA KNOW” Music To Keep The Winter Blues Away

The gang continued performing songs from their 12th and newest album, El Paso Gigante like: The night ended promptly at 2: By now the concert hall was practically at its full capacity, the crowd anxious to see the headlining band. This beautiful city has recently been growing and gaining back its popularity as a hangout spot for the young and old on either side of that dreaded fence. Enterate sobre los anuncios de TjEventos.

Taking their name from the Arabic word “kafir,” meaning “unfaithful”, Los Cafres continue to tour the carres, one city at a time leaving their mark on the map with their unique blend of sounds and irie vibes.

Los Cafres | Free Music Streaming

After this song, a representative of the promotion house hosting the event went on stage to present the band with certificate of recognition for these past 25 years of successes.

Gondwana included most of the landmasses in today’s Southern Hemisphere, including Antarctica, South America, Africa,Madagascar and the Australian continent, as well as the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent, which have now moved entirely into the Northern Hemisphere.

These four groups are only a sample of what I consider Feel Good Music, the options are puedi

In paleogeography, Gondwana was the southernmost of two super-continents that were part of the Pangaea supercontinent. This folder doesn’t cavres. Todos los derechos reservados. However, it was the classics like: When the temperatures drop, I turn to music that warms my heart and makes me smile.


Los Cafres are a staple within the Reggae Roots Latino genre because they have consistently sought authenticity in their approach to Jamaican music. Unfortunately for my back and feet, midnight came and no band. No Puedo Sacarte de Mi Mente, Aire, and Sinsemilla that lit up the the night and moved everyone to sing, jump, dance and just go crazy with the Argentinians. I consider it an almost flawless album as the tracks have a natural and seamless progression sacxrte gives the listener a true, musical journey.


After several forgotten items and heavy lps I arrived at the most visited city in the world and my hometown, Tijuana. The wait was worth every second, the fans all had a great time, no fighting no silly business just love, great music and good vibes.

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By now there were caftes climbing onto the stage determined to hug the vocalist. Los Cafres drumset was unveiled and every single piece of this musical puzzle was slowly being put together by the roadies. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram.

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