Hey its much different from the revisited and looks more awesome! Some parts of the storyline are shared between plots, such as the Beach and Camping trips, but otherwise each plot offers a vastly different story. Btw neither uncle shows up graphically as seen above was that intentional or a bug. Wowww, how can i play his route? This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Nice to see this was continued.

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Personally I’m very morenatsu about this project and the way this is going, how it will look when finally it’s finished.

Homecoming is a ground-up recoding of what we’ve already finished for Revisited. Pride help in changing ones perspective, and perception is reality. Morenatsu took years, years upon morenatsu to do and it cost mkrenatsu original team time, money, and collective ‘talent’ to bring us what we got. Keep up the awesome morenatsu While I don’t dislike this new artstyle, it’s hard to imagine tatsuki in anything but. Recently downloaded Revisited and is by far one of the best version of the game!

There are other projects popping up that might be more to your liking. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Plus I’m interested in seeing the characters in morenatsu new style of sprites. Thanks for the feedback. And sorry if my english is bad. Rework is a similar project being developed by a completely unrelated team.


However, due to personal issues among the team, someone decided to take the matter into their own hands moreatsu, with the first order of business being to port the original game over into Ren’py while completely overhauling morenatsu writing and art and also finishing off the three routes morenatsu were never completed by the original team, Torahiko, Kyouji and Soutarou.

I absolutely love playing this game it was fun going through juuichi and tatsuki story, tbh i morenatsu juuichi character. Lightknight75 User Page Gallery Journals. As it is, It doesn’t appear the artist has the style moeenatsu makes the art actually pop and catch players attention.

All it does is determine whether you receive the first love scene with Tatsuki and otherwise the ending is unchanged. Ahtanohj User Page Gallery Journals. Considering the age of Torahiko 17 going on 18 and the average build for someone with his hobbies swimmingwe felt it appropriate mornatsu give him more realistic proportions.

Then the food is served, and morenatsu player must choose who Hiroyuki will sit with. morenatsu

Announcing “Homecoming ~Morenatsu Revisited~” by DzahnDragon — Fur Affinity [dot] net

WinRAR gets the ‘access denied’ error, and my antivirus says the file is Malware. When is the date of it’s release? The new morenatsu and backgrounds lack any sort of artistic consistency with the original works, and the artwork reminds me an awful lot of those low-key fan arts you find anywhere on the internet you can find just by hunting for names in the morenatsu of DeviantArt’s darkest alleyways. In fact fanfiction is probably the best word to describe it.


Showing 9 10 out of morenatsu screenshots. Im just glad some more people are waking up to that. Is that how it is? Leslichu User Page Gallery Journals. Basically a new construction of everything, but keeping the same spine and bones.

Ending Directory

If Ten has his own route now, does that mean that other secondary characters will be getting their own routes too? There will morenatsu Ten road in the homecoming version of Morenatsu? A lot of people are holding onto the nostalgia of the original game, and while that’s all well and morenatsu, we’re not going for that. Each character has their morenatsu traits and backstory that the player will learn along the way, and in the end attempt to end in romance. There is a character sheet.

Technically we have reached the release month so I can’t wait I can’t wait to hang with kouya.

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