We will all continue to sin and fall short of His glory. Before you were even conceived, you were anointed. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you. Have a great day! What I expressed is a deeply felt conviction that was inspired by something you’d might call, The Holy Spirit. When God specifically called out to Jeremiah to prophesy, and Jeremiah said he was but a child; what did God say?

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Love you my sister endos Christ. Whether she has it or not, let God speak to you through your spirit and his truth The Word.

Montgomery pastor admits to having AIDS, sleeping with church members. First girl johnsn came to the Mike after Mrs Johnson, Ok leandria johnson endow me need to fly you here! ,e I expressed is a deeply felt conviction that was inspired by something you’d might call, The Holy Spirit. I also need to admit that I was also disappointed by the sound quality johnxon this video.

The reason is because I’ve noticed a lot of religious references throughout your replies. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. In the bible the two men who took the woman before Jesus to tell of her sin he cast thise fellas away he casted them away again Jesus casted them away and said he without sin cast the first stone That is your purpose right?


Gods not thru with any of us YET. Please select a valid image file. So, Thank You for pointing that out. Thank you Lord for all you do! Everyone hasn’t completed training and preparation to hold their positions.

We need you!

I can’t allow myself to leandria johnson endow me with someone on something so abstract and infinitesimal, all the while regressing into a pit of asserted ignorance. I seen give her the mic I didn’t see her toss it though. You wouldn’t be appointed to Earth if you weren’t.

Especially for someone that’s right. Queen Afi Gaston Exactly. Not a problem for me at all, but if you’re going to represent a religion, do so without mocking and bastardizing it’s teachings and philosophies. One scripture that helps me is in Proverbs that states He who is often reproved, and does not change, shall be cut down suddenly.

Endow Me Leave johneon feedback. Are you certain you want to delete this board? I the Lord do all of these things. Endow Me The Invitation – Rev.


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Fred Dubose yes the first girl that came to the mic on stage was nikki Ross you can locate her on fb and do just that. I do know one thing. Candace – Empress of Ethiopia B.

Being a christian I have to work on my tongue and how I speak to people.

Endow Me Lyrics Le’Andria Johnson ※ Mojim Lyrics

I would like to johnsob a heartfelt apology. Shaun Smith we definitely need to pray for her, because gifts and callings are without repentance.

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And that one run by Nikki It seems you desire it so much that you’re willing to lower yourself and even disrespect your fellow man. Never heard of her til this morning!!

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