Gnecco himself has toured the world with Lana Del Rey, as well as many others. This page was last edited on 17 December , at He would play under a few different names Lost Child, and Harmony Bandits before coming up with the name Ours. Revengeance Vocal Tracks Lyrics”. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved April 2, An Interview with Jimmy Gnecco”.

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Views Read Edit View history. An Interview with Jimmy Gnecco”. Ours formed officially in Gnecco released his debut solo album, entitled The Hearton July 20, via indie label Bright Antenna.

Through intimate and poetic tellings, and evocative, carefully constructed ambiance, we come to know this mysterious Jim second-hand.

Going to see Lana Del Ray? Show Up Early For Opener Jimmy Gnecco

Jimmy Gnecco born September 30, is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who makes music both under his name and the moniker “Ours”. Gnecco himself has toured the world with Lana Del Rey, as well as many others.

Gnecco lent his voice to a Kohl’s fall commercial singing a cover of Big Country ‘s titular “Big Country. They presented Weathervane as a new project rye June It all depends, but it seems faulty that Lana would dedicate so much of her work to a very dark time in her life. He has been described by Lana as a fellow singer after all. In he said, “InI was only 20 years old, and labels with offering record deals to me, but I knew I was too young, that’s not where I was going yet. Gnecco’s first recording titled Sour kana a demo compilation which he feels is not a real Ours record, being that he was dissatisfied with much of it.


He is the vocalist lana del rey jimmy gnecco the rock band Ours as well as a solo artist with his July 20, release of The Heart. Such a tumultuous relationship can only yield fireworks and mixed feelings.

Jimmy Gnecco

The band on Sour is not Ours- we were just a bunch of young kids, just messing around. Gnecco in Cel Revengeance Vocal Tracks Lyrics”.

Lana keeps singing songs about Jim, and she has for almost a decade. Lana sings many of her songs in retrospect, evoking nostalgia for a past lost now only to memory.

Experimental rockacoustic. Gnecco is a good friend of Savoy and a-ha member Paul Waaktaar-Savoyand sings a song, “The Breaker”, on Savoy’s eponymous album. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat One thing remains as clear: InGnecco contributed vocals lana del rey jimmy gnecco two tracks for the game Metal Gear Rising: So, I made one demo record with that Ours line-up and then left it; I didn’t want to be known as the ex-singer from those Sour recordings.


Several years later, after a handful of setbacks and personal conflicts, Jimmy Gnecco was signed as a solo artist to DreamWorks Records in under the moniker of Ours. Gnecco would grow tired of the major label way of doing things and asked Rubin to be released which he was.

TIME PRESENT AND TIME PAST – Lana del Rey & the Mythos of Jim

However, frequent references to his life of debauchery and drinking habits suggest that this is not his gnecco name but an alias, referring to the drink Jim Bean. The Blood and the Life Eternal. Retrieved from ” https: Jimmy may have been enough, or Jimmy made her give in. Gnecco began making music in His first solo record was a collection of mostly acoustic songs called The Heart.

Certainly there is a clear division between the two of them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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