Despite being frequently charged with being a group of extorsionists ruled by a vast criminal organization, the Combine are key players in the politics of Solrain space. The game will feature the same factions now called nations as the previous installment of the game. Little else is known about the Amananth, but humanity has been able to successfully restore and use a few of the stations left behind. The Solrain Commonwealth were a once benevolent but now corrupt mercantile state featuring mercenaries, smugglers, powerful corporations and major crime syndicates. All of NetDevil’s employees not working on the LEGO Universe project were laid off in February , at which time the game was effectively terminated. The Conflux’s ships appear to be living organisms with a single purpose:

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We get an update on this evolutiln multiplayer space exploration game at E3 The factions that players will be able to join in the Octavian Empire have not been detailed yet.

Jumpgate Evolution

TRI – Amananth info”. Retrieved from ” https: The team is working on PvP, the launcher, event sectors, the economy and more.

Prospector – This type of small and fast mining jumpvate is most frequently used by individuals in the Core areas. NetDevil’s website is jumpgate evolution longer online, and the owner Jumpgate evolution Entertainment does not mention the game on their website.

Their cheap cost makes them accessible to everyone. They can fulfill any role by buying a ship they deem fit for it. Subscription I never really followed this game, so I cant tell ya exactly what happened. Evllution have been hints of two-faction and three-faction instances.


JumpGate Evolution Died ? — Forums

Light Miner – Ships of this class are about the size of a standard transport and are the main mining ship of the nations. NetDevil was disbanded and Gazillion has removed the web jumpgate evolution and forum for Jumpgate Evolution. As ofJumpgate Evolution is no longer in development. The sequel to ‘s JumpgateJumpgate Evolution featured a completely new graphics system and new additions to gameplay and features.

Posted by MagicStar on Jumpgate evolution 5, Developers have also shown support for dual and triple monitor setups.

We Just Played Jumpgate Evolution at E3 We get some new details on the new-and-different Jumpgate Evolution and jump into jumpgate evolution cockpit while we’re at it. The title is being developed by NetDevila small software development company based out of Louisville, Colorado with past experience on evolytion such as Auto Assault and the original Jumpgate.

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Posted by Jumpgate evolution on February 1, 8: Little else is known about the Amananth, but humanity has been able to successfully restore and use a few of the stations left behind. Codemaster’s new shooter debuts on the end of Ramadan month alongside new Sims expansion and action RPG sequels.

These will be shorter battles between players in an “instanced” format, meaning that they will take place in areas separated from the rest of the game featuring a limited number of players.


There will be floating objectives called husks that can be captured by a nation. But players do have to acquire a license to be able to pilot that ship first. In terms of Player versus Environment PvE jumpgate evolution, there are plans for semi-instanced areas as well as nation-wide events.

Cargo Shuttles jumpgate evolution average cargo evoluyion and adequate defenses, just don’t expect to be able to do much combat in one. Jumpgate Evolution decayed into a horrible mess before it was canceled. I refuse to believe it is cancelled and am still holding out. It’s gone and the studio is gone chewed up and spit out by Gazillion and that’s all there is to it. They want to allow players to involve themselves in different types of gameplay jumpgwte day to day.

JumpGate Evolution Died ?

After seventy years of isolation the TRI Corporation recreated technology capable of re-uniting the human nations. There are no further updates on the official site, particularly with regard to the jumpgate evolution that NetDevil is embroiled in.

A war between the Conflux and the Humans evolutio the Humans almost to the brink of extinction. Out of date info? This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat

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