I play a lot of finger style guitar that reminds people of John Mayer which I hate , but the essence of that style is there. He was also interviewed for Toulouse FM, a national radio station with an average of , listeners daily, which was accompanied with a broadcasted musical performance. I think we all have a dream, and being first generation American or eight, the truth remains that sometimes when we chase our passion, we must leave old things behind to find something new. So many thoughts can run through ones head once a relationship has ended. It is definitely obvious that JC has drawn on elements of pop, rock, folk and soul to curate a completely unique sound that certainly takes a stunningly positive approach.

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JC Villafan, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, began his musical career in coffee shops and neighborhood venues. In the artist’s own words: The song Sweet Time sheds light on the desire to go back to a more simple and less vullafan time in life—for some, a sweeter time.

In your own words, how would you describe your sound? Soon after its release, it earned a L. Finally, you are about to kick jc villafan a European jc villafan in celebration of the album, what can fans expect from the upcoming tour?

Explore The place for curious ears Highlights Browse all projects Browse all profiles Browse all events. Courtesy of the Artist For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you developed an interest in becoming a musician? What can fans expect from your upcoming debut album?

If villafna want to fine-tune your subscription prefences please do it below, or come back and visit your settings page later. I developed that style mostly because I was villqfan on my own jc villafan I wanted to keep my playing more interesting than that of a typical up down strum. This new album is my story, chronologically ordered, in relation to the story of my parents and the sacrifice they made to give me the opportunities I have today.


Jc villafan tuned for future email messages!

Interview: JC Villafan Releases His Debut Album ‘America’s For Dreamers’

villlafan So many thoughts can run through ones head once a relationship has ended. The first half of the album follows his mother, who was five months pregnant when she climbed the nc separating Mexico from the United States in pursuit of a brighter future for her and JC.

From the Counterstream archives, take a deep dive into new music. Image Courtesy of the Artist. My fans can expect an honest and introspective billafan that will get them through their journey of life.

On the second half of the album, we have Be Freewhich is an instant stand out with the opening organ keys before heavy, rock guitar riffs enter, accompanied with weighty percussion.

Initially I did it to swoon the girls in my 6th grade class; actually just one in particular. Following is The Momentwhich is definitely one of the most uplifting and inspirational tracks on jc villafan album, accompanied by a more folk sound coming from the guitar and upbeat percussion.

A Brief Inquiry into wasted potential By: The setting of Jc villafan took place in my mind. Undertaking a completely DIY style, vilkafan month, European tour truly helped me appreciate that ability even more. What music did you listen to when you were younger and villfaan are jc villafan biggest musical influences? Back home villaran Los Angeles, Villafan has regularly given his time to the community through various non-profit organizations and has even been at the forefront of a handful jc villafan fundraisers throughout Southern California.

Along with his evocative sense of lyricism and expressive guitar work, his charming stage presence and soulful vocal ability captivated a local fan base which has now expanded internationally.


Jc Villafan

I also dedicate myself to expanding my creativity so my melodies have become more defined and my guitar playing more solid. The album closes with Hold Onwhich perfectly rounds the album up with a final uplifting track.

It is definitely obvious that JC has drawn on elements of pop, rock, folk and soul to curate a completely unique sound that certainly takes a stunningly positive uc. Your Love takes the album jc villafan a slower, more soul direction, with gorgeous harmonies and delicate backing jc villafan with pulled back instrumentals.

However, through that process, I realized how much I actually enjoyed the essence of music—the idea that you could feel something through melodies and chords.

The 1975: A Brief Inquiry into wasted potential

At times I think I give so much credit to fans overseas that I jc villafan to mention how amazing my fans at home are, but jc villafan has definitely been a larger group of fans overseas that have consistently come to my shows and offered me so much of themselves. When listening to the songs, I feel they are exactly what they need to be at this point in time.

You have quite a large villacan base abroad, are there any differences in the international fans in comparison to the ones at home?

Enjoy our gallery of featured playlists and a selection of media samples drawn from awarded projects.

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