These keys are the assigment for unit groups. Clicking ability hotkeys while having the overlay on attempts to level up the ability. Orders the courier to use Transfer Items. I would like to suggest one thing which can improve user experience of that search. Toggle autocast Additional hotkey modifier: In I have this info, there will be a box called “additional info” with this information example: Activates the Glyph of Fortification to make the team’s structures invulnerable for 5 seconds.

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Since the camera movement is directly linked to the hand movement, you can control the camera with the most precision kind of like aiming in a FPS game with a mouse vs a controller.

Download Dota Hotkeys

These keys are the assigment ddota saved camera positions. Items are on space bar, two side buttons on the mouse that are set to quick cast for blinks dotaa other targeted itemsand ZXC. The name in your database is incorrect Zfreak his ign since HoN has always been Zfreek. Otherwise if they still use legacy keys they are just used to it and didn’t want to change their ability keys like Loda, Arteezy, a couple korean players on IMT hot warkey dota.

I’ll try to improve the UI i’m not a web designer tho I’ll research to build a nicer UI or get some help from ppl who want to contribute to the project. Hotkeys can still be changed freely after selecting a template, except Legacy Keys’ item hotkeys.

Adds the left mouse button as a combo key for camera dragging, making it only possible to drag when holding both keys. None Ctrl Alt Shift.


Download Dota Hotkeys

I tried to find something like this months ago. Activating hot warkey dota keys will unbind every key used by legacy keys, when they were bound to other controls already. I’ll something like filters hot warkey dota on, but I think camera movement is pretty much the hardest info to get I mainly collect info based on players streaming. Dota 1 style hotkeys; with different ability hotkeys for every hott and unit. All keys will be reset if you refresh your browser.

A lot of pro’s that came from HoN exclusively have centre hero on “c” khezu for example. I’ve seen a lot of both recently from pros.

Keep in mind that I don’t have all the information on all players, but I have more or less pro players on the database.

Warkey++ Download (Official Warkeys Version) Customkeys

It is possible though, to bind different hotkeys to heroes, couriers and other units by turning “Unit Specific Hotkeys” on. The group assigment gets saved on the Steam Cloud, so the player does not have to re-bind the same units always to the same group for each game over and over again. I’ve used edge panning for years like 7 yearsand during hot warkey dota 3 years or so, I’ve somehow adopted ddota dragging. To have autocomplite search, because people don’t know who from players are on the list.

This is why the hotkey of the 4th ability on non-hero units is not equal to the hotkey of ultimate abilities. I warmey he made a video last year about it as well. I’ll put that on the info box. Better to hot warkey dota out what works for you on your own. The chat wheel ho this phrases are displayed in the ingame chat upon using. Have you tried to contact the people from dota 2 wiki page?


I am also a “noob” coder.


The best option would probably to use mouse 3 to drag the camera. Edit Thanks for the support guys!

Also I believe key movement is about as imprecise as edge pan – difference hot warkey dota requirement to move mouse vs move fingers having suboptimal binds. Oh, actually not that was a bug He uses other hotkeys for his additional hero skills we don’t have it mappd tho hot warkey dota for the help! I personally was used to legacy key having played Dota since rikimaru had witch doctors deathward ult imagine riki being invis and then you being hit with a deathward.

The ordered units then move between their current and the targeted patrol point. These hotkeys are for the stats hero level, last hits, networth, etc dropdown and their sorting. Wagamama, but he plays with right hand mouse afaik The player has to select the phrases manually if the use of chat wheel is desired.

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