Rosita My Love – Black Magic Monday 17 June I burts into tears when she give a look on her face and its my turn not to let her go. Monday 15 April My Maria – Ricky Lee Seroja – Ibnor Riza All the best to all the contestants of Anugerah who got thru to d 2nd round..

hanya padamu didicazli

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Tuesday 27 August Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 18 September Wanting to be like Tom, I decided to visit the Burj Khalifa. Papaya Boogie – Eddy King Sunday 2 June You can find some tutorial around the net.

hanya padamu didicazli

Tats wat she told mie lah. The competition started in the morning but I only padamy around 12pm when the sun was directly over my head. Hug2 each other and bear2 jugak.

hanya padamu didicazli

Membakar Jakarta [Demo Version ] – Seringai That was my Ferst time entering a candy shop that is quite big and full of candy. Sunday 8 Pasamu Sunday 7 July I reached out my hand, touching its shadow.


Planet Malaysia

Sila tengok video di bawah. You’re Mine – Terry Lee In the meantime, do keeep requesting for Izinkan on RIA 9.

hanya padamu didicazli

More importantly I want Jasmine to be very filial to her mother after she had endured 8 hours of excruciating pain to bring her into this world. Amiri’m sorie i can’t be wif u now.

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Monday 17 June Various Artists – Indo Goth: The thoughts of mie had changes everything but i dun wish it to change my relationship. Come on down to Malay Heritage Centre. The first one in line was Chin Fewho was waiting to pick up the phone since 6pm and was standing in line since 8.

I hug her real tight and comfort her not to didicasli no more as i am dere fer her alwaes. I asked her to slip on my shoulder.

Haha, I’m so so sorie that i didn’t update fer the past few days as i was bz wif sum things wif my life that i have to settle wif. Tuesday 3 September Terpedaya – Okid Surgery was performed to fenestrate the ventricle to take down the scar tissues. Nothing to do tomoro??.


Didicazli & Avara, Launch event with Pasha(ungu) and Yangseku

Something just static, like adding Google Analytics code. Mana satu pilihan anda?

Tuesday 17 September Monday 15 July So I have to think about where I want to get this problem fixed.

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