The breakthrough will mean the networking of office and home equipment without wires will finally become a reality. Optical fibers played a dominant role for its higher bit rates and faster transmission. Gi-Fi Published on Aug 15, It consumes only 2mwatt power for data transfer of gigabits of information, where as in present technologies it takes 10mwatt power, which is very high. The following are some mobility usage applications of Gi-Fi.

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Skip to main content. Because of wider availability of continuous 7 GHz spectrum results in high data rates. It allows wireless transfer of audio and video data up to 5 gigabits per second, low power.

Specifically, WirelessHD has a stated goal of enabling wireless connectivity for streaming high- definition content between source devices and high-definition displays. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Optical fibers played a dominant role for its higher bit rates and faster transmission. The foremost of this is Bluetooth which can cover mts. For radio systems that aren’t moving quickly, another advantage is that the uplink and downlink radio.

The reason for pushing into Gi-Fi technology is because of slow rate, high power consumption, low range of frequency operations of earlier technologies i. As there is no recent developments which transfer data at faster rate, as video information transfer gifi wireless technology documentation lot of gifi wireless technology documentation. Also a comparison is perform between Gi-Fi and some Gi-Fi Technology free download Gi-Fi will helps to push wireless communications to faster drive.

Future of Wireless Technology free download Abstract: One of the furthermost improvements made on wireless technology field was inventing a new wireless technology Gi-Fi.


But the mans continuous quest for even better technology despite the substantial advantages of technnology technologies led to the introduction of new, more up-to-date standards for data exchange rate i.

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wjreless Gifi wireless technology documentation of this high speed data transfer, we can swap large video, audio, data files within gifo.

Because of this band we are achieving high data rates energy propagation In the 60 GHz band has unique characteristics that make possible many other benefits such as excellent immunity to co-channel gifi wireless technology documentation, high security, and frequency re-use. As the large amount of information transfer it utilizes milli-watts of power only. As the integrated transceiver is extremely small, it can be embedded into devices.

Despite the advantages of present technologies, continuous quest led to the new technology ie Gi-Fi. However, the standard’s original limitations for data exchange rate and range, number of channels, high cost of the infrastructure have not yet made it possible for Wi-Fi to become a total threat to cellular networks on the one hand, and hard-wire networks, on the other.

The millimeter-wave WPAN will allow high coexistence close physical spacing with all other microwave systems in the They have lower frequency of operation 2.

Consumers could typically download a high definition movie from a kiosk in a matter of seconds to a music player or smart phone and having got homecould play it on a home theatre system or store it on a home server for future viewing, again within a few seconds.

Once the antenna wjreless equipment are installed and ttechnology, Gi-Fi is gifi wireless technology documentation for service. I express my sincere gratitude to …………. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, see the comparisons and features of those two technologies.


gi fi technology seminar report IEEE PAPER-IEEE PROJECT

This leads to introduction of Gi-Fi technology. For example, excavation to support the trenching of cables is not required.

UWB, is a technology with high bit rate, high security and faster data transmission. It will allow wireless transfer of audio and video data up to gifi wireless technology documentation gigabits per second, ten times the current maximum wireless transfer rate,at one-tenth of the cost,usually within a range of 10 meters. GiFi is a wireless transmission system which is ten times faster than Wi-Fi and it chip delivers short-range multi gigabit data transfer in an indoor environment.

Optical fibres played a dominant Evaluation of Gi-Fi Technology for High-Rate Wireless Communication free download Abstract-Wireless technology improvement has become adherent in today’s modern life.

The core components of a GI-FI system is the subscriber station which available to several access points. It will allow wireless transfer of audio and video data at up to 5 gigabits per second, ten times the current maximum wireless transfer rate, at one-tenth the cost.


As go on development the price will be decreased. Time division duplex has a strong advantage in the case where the asymmetry of the uplink and downlink data speed is variable.

By using present technologies video swapping takes hours of time, whereas by this we can transfer at a speed of Gbps.

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