All setup for Bastille festival in the tent! PoorBoyLtd at that price can’t expect good looks!! I need 2 tickets still!!! MrsRothersMUA love spring awww PaulRotherhamZA yes for sure! Cardia79 eish that is serious overshare! Have an awesome day today.

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housework – Gobetween Flames

When is your next show in Jozi? DavidGreshamRec connellcruise yes please! Loved your show at Sun City! Grass on the move!

Old Tweets: wheeler (Robert Wheeler)

Have an awesome day today. So proud of you! Cars are my passion! Christmas Market in the Village this Friday from 4 to 8h30pm. Retweeted by Robert Wheeler Happiness is RealeRoux sherbert that’s hectic!!

Retweeted by Robert Wheeler What a beautiful evening in franschhoek for Bastille weekend!! Siosal PaulRotherhamZA welcome to daddyhood: Having skoonmawk thoughts can increase your brains ability to make better decisions.


What a special day! Still not hujs my list ‘to buy’ lol Stueymoir happy birthday! Fa la la la la la la la la did I do enough la la la’s? Can you organise me one? What’s going on with people!!??? Go and check out RealeRoux parody of “Wrecking ball” at http: PearlThusi NwiseWise Beauty stunning! MrsRothersMUA love spring awww BigTop40 PedroFernandoFm elliegoulding well deserved!!

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Robert Wheeler wheeler Jozi. All setup for Bastille festival in the tent! StephScorgie thanks for the invite! Music is my soul! PaulRotherhamZA yes for sure!

Things to do in Brits

Make decisions based on what you know rather than what you feel. What does that mean? Robert Wheeler wheeler Jozi Music is my soul! Retweeted by Robert Wheeler Ek nodag dishwash wooed polish or mrman verdie meublke en kos koopvermy celoks or veetbix en melk pinutbuter en jem en windorline domestic. Retweeted by Robert Wheeler Cardia79 bad mental picture I know!


Send us a pic of your new baby! Ended up going to Sandtoncity branch where the staff are more helpful! Be sure to visit us at the farm too for yummy lunch an great wines! Chinese parents can sue their children for not visiting them enough.

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