And so the opening track gives way to the equally impressive ‘Of Darksome Origin’. When I heard it, it was instantly in the top level of CDs I’d ever heard. And even though both follow essentially the same formula as the preceding pieces, and they do have their moments, they just seem a little The worst possible job in the field of this album would be from the bass. I actually snatched it up on a whim back when I was new to the metal world 13, 14 perhaps?

edge of sanity purgatory afterglow

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While Edge Of Sanity remain a death metal band at heart, the album leans more progressively than the previous ones, and we can only blame Dan for such a move.

Purgatory Afterglow – Wikipedia

The artwork isn’t anything special and I had only heard of the band in passing, not really knowing anything about them. At times the guitars are very thrashy and as I mentioned that guitar tone only amplifies this heaviness with its crushing sound. Elements of the drumming help as well, both Elegy and Of Darksome Origin contain blasts right off the bat and the entire album is peppered with them. Streams Videos All Posts.

Introspection Late Night Partying. The song then lurches into action with some really catchy riffs and a guitar tone that, for some strange reason, immediately made me think that this is what Fleshcrawl would sound like if they went progressive.

Purgatory Afterglow is such a brilliant piece of work, but under the shadow of the legendary album to follow, it seems to be disregarded as simply a prequel to Crimson when in many ways, Purgatory Afterglow surpasses that album.

Edge Of Sanity – Purgatory Afterglow – LP COLOURED

Then, comes the last song on this album. The disparaging elements on the album are what make it afgerglow special, and many of these elements are present in “Twilight”. But considering just how well it works, there’s nothing wrong with that.


The worst possible job in the field of this album would be from the bass.

Purgatory Afterglow

The production sannity fantastic, keeping lots of focus on emphasizing the simultaneously sludgy and sonic guitar tones, as well as giving those doomy vocals their much deserved attention. Then the album ends with about 10 3-second-long tracks of silence. This does, unfortunately, lead me to the two stinkers of the album: When I heard it, it was instantly in the top level of CDs I’d ever heard. Most avterglow the riffs could be played by a guitarist at an intermediate skill level.

Purgatory Afterglow – Edge of Sanity | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The song has a very strong punk vibe to it but the buzzsaw guitars and funny tone presented by Andreas Axelsson, and Sami Nerberg allow it to remain heavy. All in all, the guitarists definitely stepped their game wfterglow, because the rhythm and lead work became fifty billion times more filthy and infectious than before.

In fact on that song sxnity switches between harsh and clean vocals quite a bit and it sounds wonderful.

edge of sanity purgatory afterglow

For my monies worth, Purgatory Afterglow holds the real title of Edge Of Sanity’s magnum opus no disrespect to Crimson. Whether behind the mixing boards or the mic, Swano is certainly the highlight on the album. Write your own review. Luckily though, the last 3 tracks get their act back together and all come out winners.

edge of sanity purgatory afterglow

If you like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, you’ll love this. Nothing guttural about the growls, so normally anyone can make out what the stud wants to say. The prevailing “Dan can do no wrong” attitude has created a reputation for Edge of Sanity that really isn’t borne out by reality. There’s a certain amount of introspection and pain in this album not commonly found in extreme metal.


The band’s early recordings were decidedly second tier death metal, solid releases yes, but essentially derivative of Entombed, Carnage and Dismember, while “Crimson” and the band’s subsequent recordings were pitiful novelty rock in superficially “death metal” clothing. Edge of Sanity’s style on this album can be best described as progressive melodic death metal.

edge of sanity purgatory afterglow

When juxtaposed, as in Blood Colored, it creates a nice atmosphere. On paper it sounds like a horrible way to end the album, but it works super fucking well, with the track descending into a cacophony of distorted samples aftergloe voices culminating in a final scream. The rhythm section of Anders Lindberg on Bass and Benny Larsson on drums get the job done without doing anything spectacular.

The album holds santiy all of the characteristics of classic metal albums such as The Number of The Beast of Master of Puppets, in which songs that hold up incredibly well as individual compositions seamlessly flow together to tell an overarching musical story. Where it fails, it descends into the purely saccharine Blood-Colored and Black Tears, which wouldn’t seem out of place on a Three Doors Down record or a senseless jockcore stomp Song of Sirens.

Like their good friends and natural inheritors OpethEdge of Sanity ‘s excellence resides in their ability to juxtapose the most blistering, blast-beat-intensive death rdge on black metal offensive with wfterglow passages of startling beauty.

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