You don’t have to configure absolutely anything. D Blocks The theme and the bundled plugins add the following new blocks to your editor: If you have access to php. Your blog is your front page by default. You have three options: Every time something doesn’t work you’ll have to contact us and we’ll investigate the issue. Activate the default WordPress theme and check if the plugin works.

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“Daisho theme” documentation — version 4.0

daisho wordpress Inside you’ll find another ZIP package with installable theme files. The impression that plugins slow down the website may be caused by the fact that many plugins more than 9 out daisho wordpress 10 come with not optimal code, too many additional JS and CSS files and many additional database calls.

SVG can be enabled with plugins, see We separate as much non-essential functionality as possible into plugins. Common questions How to disable comments on pages? Follow the steps to show the sidebar only in the selected by you places e. Follow the steps to change the placement of your sidebar to the right:. To fix this, contact the server administrator and ask them to increase that to for example 64 MB.

Daisho – Themeforest Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme –

No, they contain exactly the same code that a theme would contain if it had daisho wordpress feature built-in. This plugin is supposed to work right after you install it. D Blocks The theme and the bundled plugins add the following new blocks to your editor: If it doesn’t work please contact the server administrator and ask them to fix that plugin support, theme support and WordPress support will wordpess help you if this is a server issue. Activate the default Daisho wordpress theme and check if the plugin works.


If you don’t see the “Excerpt” box you can enable it in the top right corner in “Screen Options”. If the hosting company tells you that it’s not the issue on their end, please don’t believe them. Follow the steps to add an image logo to your website: You can use headings, paragraphs and columns.

The delay caused by including a couple of additional PHP files is statistically insignificant. Max upload filesize limit Some servers allow only 2 MB files to be uploaded by default.

Some people reported issues on the following servers: Correctly prepared plugins won’t slow down your website. You should avoid plugins with bad ratings or low number of users to avoid issues. It will send emails to the daisho wordpress address of the administrator account of your WordPress website by default.

If you won’t receive an email then it’s an indicator that the source of the problem probably lies somewhere in the SMTP configuration of the server. Dalsho can disable comments for individual posts or pages on the entry’s edit wordptess e.


The plugin allows sending emails on behalf of another domain which sordpress be prohibited by the server and thus such email won’t be sent. Other than that Contact Form 7 is successfully used by over 1, people vaisho it’s up daisho wordpress the hosting company to make it work out of the box. This issue happens to roughly 1 person in If you received an email this way but you still don’t receive any emails using the plugin then it’s probable daisho wordpress the server rejected the plugin’s custom headers.

Everyone who has had this issue so far daisho wordpress it because of the server’s configuration and it was eventually resolved by the hosting company. You have three options: Your blog is your front page by default. Before contacting us make sure that the plugin works when the default theme is active.

Follow the steps to create your main menu: Why does my blog display the whole posts’ content? Attach your newly created menu to the worrdpress Menu” location to make it appear on the front-end.

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