I took a shower and went to the convention afterwards. I got that VIP treatment again from Emily. I was still undecided on whether I wanted to go. Not that many people recognized me. Disco Dance With You. It was also my first time experiencing con depression.

cyberoptix dinosaurs with guns

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Sauver cette Playlist dans mon dossier musique. Fionna the Human Adventure Time. These are the clips that were cut from videos I posted online. The hotel is also just across the hotel is also less than a block from the convention, so not too bad. They picked me up and we lined up for our cyberoptux. Les Matins de Paris – feat.

cyberoptix dinosaurs with guns

Read more on Last. Sometimes, we get stopped in the hallway to get our photos taken. So I was left with finding a group that still needed people to room with.


Borgore – Womanizer ( Remix )

Got her a Kairi cosplay from Kingdom Hearts. That caused some traffic in the street. Disco dance with you Para one remix.

Dinosaurs With Guns Bobmo remix. Everything was all good, but my sister also planned to attend a concert on Saturday. Les matins de Paris featuring Lio.

Some people are from out of state and used the extra day on Thursday for badge pick-up. I was pretty sure this would be my last Otakon. Others only care about the Otakurave. With the heat and everything, I took my sister home earlier in the afternoon. No injuries almost lol.

cyberoptix dinosaurs with guns

The best thing to do is stick with what you enjoy and cybrroptix a great time. Les matins de Paris – Remix Surkin. Login Enregistrez et partagez vos listes de lecture avec vos amis. I finally saw Emily there on Saturday, dressed up as Mokuba.

Teki Latex Dinosaurs With Guns Cyberoptix Remix by Facial Dubstep | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I kept challenging myself to beat the game using only 3 lives with no continues. It was a packed room. Ne sois pas triste. It was my first time doing a serious cosplay as Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. I came prepared in Les matins de Paris Remix Surkin. Invitation to oh wee feat Gonzales.


They used to have 3, 2 and 1-day badges. The game room opened later than last year. I wore Roy Mustang on Saturday.

cyberoptix dinosaurs with guns

The ish feat Bitch lap lap. Disco Dance With You.

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