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Fucc Off Again Skit 5. Blinded By Desire 2.

Brotha Lynch Hung – Sooner Or Later Lyrics

Murder Over Hard feat. Look What I Did Skit. Look It’s A Dead Body. Brotha Lynch Hung Album: Am I comin’, am I goin’ I’m really not knowin’ anymore, and then I get to thinkin’ I’m hearing voices in my head Sometimes they tell me love her, most times they tell me kill her She loves me, I hate her, she hates me, I love her Murder sooner or later, Lyynch blame her [Verse 1: I C U feat.

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You always be thinking you be runnin’ this relationship But the fact is you runnin’ me and the homies like ain’t that sioner to see [Hook] [Verse 2: B – Brotha lynch hung sooner or later On You Lyrics. The Visit Skit Really delete this comment? Look What I Did Skit All News Daily Roundup.

Lynch] Sooner or later I’mma just give up This ain’t love, love is different I ain’t feelin’ it, yes I am I’m in love, in love with latee Everybody around, I might kill ’em Body up in the ground, naw I’m just playin’ I be up in the town, I’m just livin’ But everyday ain’t Thanksgiving Found that out quicker than cookin’ a frank in the kitchen Niggas ain’t lovin’ me I can dig it Dig me a couple of holes and just end it Me and my girl, we splendid You don’t have to try and act like you care and ask me, “homie, what is this?


This is bold text and this is normal text. This is just a preview! Takin’ Online Orders Working Late Intro I love it when you take DNA off the black concrete You always be thinkin’ you be runnin’ this relationship but the fact is you runnin’ me And my mom’s like ain’t that som’n to see. Blood On Da Rug.

Eating Fingers Skit 3. Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node.

Brotha Lynch Hung] Sooner or later she gon’ break my heart Knew it from the get knew it from the start Sooner or later she gone ache my heart Sooner or later see a bite go bark This ain’t cool, takin’ a chance, sooner or later she gon’ miss her fam So maybe I should miss my fans and hop back on the road again before my heart explode again I get the 9 millimeter and pop the clip check the bullets then load it in Cause I’m lettin’ these cigarettes smoke they self 24 beers lined up on the shelf Halfway filled so I’m halfway felt Halfway like I wanna kill myself And halfway wrong when I’m halfway right She think I’m wrong more than half the time Half the time I’m in the acid mind, most of time I gotta ask my 9 Most the time I gotta ask the Budweiser thinkin’ that the beer gon’ answer back I do brotha lynch hung sooner or later, if a nigga go inside you, brotha lynch hung sooner or later ride you, better never ask me back Fuck that It is what it is Run DMC, it’s like that Come with me, got som’n to see Remember the days I had you comin’ in threes?


Sooner Or Later Latest Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics. Spit It Out Working Late Intro feat. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Fucc Off Again Skit.

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