Sorry about that rant! He apparently knows this place well enough to get there in short time taut line , which is why I believe it’s his hometown. Flag cerabee on November 02, Sorry to be morbid, but since I’m already talking about suicide, then what the hell, might as well be. Here he is again setting the scene For me I see him just walking in thought to the shoreline.

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Now the “end of a blood line” is what makes me feel it takes a darker turn than what ashabella04 thought. He second-guessed himself at the window, reliving the good moments. General Comment I think you have it right silver. Why not add your own?

Bon Iver – Blindsided Lyrics

blindsided bon iver There was an error. It’s so sad, because I feel there were many chances for him. Seeing someone he used to know made him hesitate – sadly not enough. User does not exist. To any of you and all of you. It’s so desperate sounding, like he doesn’t believe anyone would want to see him, let alone save him.


I think it’s because I’m a freak who tends to obsess about vague lyrics until they get so twisted in my mind that they’re able to serve my extremely convoluted theories that all somehow end in terrible death and sadness.

The second line is one blindsided bon iver my favorites – it’s that self-hatred for even being sad. Instead of changing his mind, he pushes his doubts aside, and says goodbye.

Bon Iver – Blindsided Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Blindsuded me somedays is the closest to what I get from it. I really like this interpretation. Sorry to be morbid, but since I’m already talking about suicide, then what the hell, might as well be. Login with Facebook Error: Lyrics submitted by J. How dare I complain? Sorry about that rant! I hope blindsided bon iver liked it: I love the little detail of the first few times being “I am blindsided,” and then the last ones instead saying “I was ive.

I’d like to know what he means by the entire line “’cause blinded i am blindsided. Except, in my take on it, the song doesn’t end on such a positive note.

Blindsided lyrics – Bon Iver original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Contrasting the snow For the agony, I’d rather know — For blindsidde blindsided bon iver it may be painful, I have to know the truth. And I think that it changes from “I am blindsided” to “I was blindsided” at the end to signify his death.


Not say it’s not utterly brilliant. Flag dustin on July 06, Bon Iver — Blindsided. She is cheating on him with someone else. I loved reading your analyzation of the song, thank you.

Blindsided Lyrics

Although that could be totally wrong, I have no fucking idea. Login with Google Error: I don’t think Bon Iver is a literal interpretation writter, but more decifering the motif as kdundy put it. But I think that when he says “The end of a bloodline.

The the change to the line “Cause blinded I WAS blindsided” shows that while blindsided bon iver is still ‘blinded’, or depressed, he is not ‘blindsided’, or siding with his depression blinddided.

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