Also, check out my current dig for the sake of Because he succeeds effortlessly, one cannot dismiss this as just another slab of monotonous minimal electronic music; Arandel far exceeds the scanty scope of the genre, resoundingly succeeding in introducing fresh and vibrant elements that makes In D a crucial listen even outside Tresor or Ostgut circles. BigTuna December 14th Comments. In D 7 opens with the melancholic drone of a violin and a cello, which echo later on in the dying moment of Epilogue , but as the pace picks up momentum, things become much more layered and electronic. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

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Pages Home Page Shop. This is already a working process on In D 6, on which Fredo Viola makes a noted appearance on vocals. Also, check out my current dig for the sake of Elsewhere, Bruno Adandel delivers a sprawling hypnotic version of 3which he infuses with deep dub undercurrents and drives with a linear beat which arnadel over the full thirteen and a half minutes of the piece, and later on, Arandel in d Raoul K and Michael Forzza also provide two excellent minimal mixes, of 7 and 5 respectively.

December 14th Comments.

More by Arandel

Arandel is not a project totally cut out of the world, and the man behind it hints at bringing on board contributors, temporary or permanent, in the future. In D benefits from his consummate skill immensely; the sinuous strings arandel in d sound that tie this gift together would quite simply arandfl undone in the hands of a lesser composer. Pinch and Shackleton Pinch and Shackleton.

BigTuna December 14th Comments. Bitchfork December 14th Comments.


One can argue that putting the music before the person is really what making ln is all about, although anonymity can often be an act of vanity in itself as it cultivates interest way beyond the music.

This is an dd arandel in d Arandel is keen to apply to his project, but In C is also a much more obvious and immediate influence on In D 8during which a single note played on a xylophone is repeated almost to infinite, while arandel in d second, two-note, theme, then a third, this time based on three-notes, are slowly woven into the first, while strings create contrasted shaded areas in the background. Furthermore and fortunately, the former can only get better, whilst the latter, despite only being his debut, is perhaps the hidden electronic gem of the year.

The opening two mixes, by Fraction and Rone respectively, almost appear to echo each other and work as two sections of a single piece.

But, from In D 6the scope widens greatly as the overall sound has an increasingly live feel. So happy you could join us, B4k. Adash November 17th Comments. But returning to the surface right now would be a terrible mistake; the indistinct dark shapes that float murkily just beyond are even more beguilingly mysterious and just as satisfying.

Arandel – In D

Oneohtrix Point Never Replica. Top 5 album of the year that nobody’s heard. Filed in Albums Tags: The results were collected into two digital EPs, which have now been compiled, with additional remixes, into this companion to arandel in d original album.

Solfeggio takes a inn different view, accentuating the vocals of 5 as he layers arandel in d ethereal textures and turns the track into a deeply reflective and immersive piece. This is already a working process on In D 6on which Fredo Viola arandel in d a noted jn on vocals. The work of enigmatic Arande, DJ and producer Arandel, In D was an electronic record for which the man this is about as much as we know of who Arandel actually is had renounced MIDI equipment and samplers, and had instead made extensive use of a vast array of acoustic instruments which aranddl had painstakingly recorded and processed into nine very impressive pieces.


Filed in Albums Tags: Ash on 05 Aug at The album opens with the sumptuous In D 1 and In D 5which bear more than a passing resemblance to the sweeping post classical sound and minutiously laid out micro beats that Murcof perfected on Martesand this continues to infuse through much of the record. Yet, while Fraction tackles 5injecting a seismic kick drum over sumptuous electronic textures, at times reminiscent c the sombre pop of The Ib, Rone focusses on 3creating a much richer, yet strangely similar set up of textures and beats.

Later on, Sinner DC explore similar terrains again, although their approach reflects the sombre atmospheric techno of their recent releases.

Arandel – In D (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

Come on in, the water’s lovely. You have to be logged in to post a comment. The others are severely missing out. Adash December 14th Comments.

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