On that second page, gold alchemy symbols tell you which direction to draw the line, crossing the page to a new border square. She has been misled into believing that they will help save the magical world. The Wand of Alchemy. Here heavenly female vocals are joined with orchestral passages in a modern celtic theme similar to the music of Clannad and Enya. Clearly, the artists featured in Alkaemy have a bright future and we look forward to future work by the ensemble.

alkaemy the merlin mystery

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The 75 objects are ordered based on Roman numerals encoded into etched tiles on each page.

The Wand of Alchemy. The releases at Sonic Images and Earthtone Records may just make a new-age fan out of you yet. Perhaps, with some of the recently released vocal work of Miriam Stockley being co-written by Julia Taylor-Stanley, we won’t have to wait very long at all.

Pictures of the ancient legends appear before our mind’s eye, various episodes and places. Modern percussion, flute and well-arranged orchestration carry the typically new age sounding tune “Enchantment” building on the themes introduced thus far. Receiving cues from the writer Jonathan Gunson, Taylor-Stanley created a soundtrack to immerse the puzzler in the story, taking the listener through the journey and to the next level of the treasure hunt. Composed by Julia Taylor-Stanley, Ian Lynn and Miriam Stockley to accompany a book by the same name, The Merlin Mystery, released on Earthtone Records earlier this year, is a stunning album of new age and ethnic world music primarily in the celtic style.

Interested readers should note that audio samples are currently available at the SonicImages website. On that third page, crescent moons tell you to move around the border to find the correct object.

The Merlin Mystery – Wikipedia

Along with the wand, the meriln would also have received:. Undoubtedly she was inspired by just being in this places, among the ancient stones, which can tell a lot of interesting things you just need to listen attentively Many musicians devoted their works to King Arthur, Merlin and their time.


The vocal tracks are simply stunning and the instrumentals bind them together into a cohesive whole.

alkaemy the merlin mystery

Gold and silver cadency symbols tell you to turn to yet another page of the book. Nimue’s Lament Vocal Version. The music is both captivating and intriguing, blending melodic new-age ambience with a majestic tale of the wizard and his missing wand.

Merlin Mystery – Alkaemy | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Stunning, yet light, backing vocals enrich the total sound. Still, maybe the author’s idea and concept would not be realized so beautifully and completely if in the creation of The Merlin Mystery together with Julia Taylor-Stanley would not take part such perfect musicians as vocalists Shelach and Sheryle Gwynfar, whose singing immediately remind us of the best works by Enya and Clannad, Miriam Stockley vocals and arrangementsIan Lynn programming, additional arrangements and performanceAlison Taylor Viola and ViolinJoss Ackland Merlins narration and The Merlin Philarmonic Orchestra.

Through the listening experience, we’ve become interested in reading the book and studying the puzzle and perhaps even trying to solve the mystery. One listen to Nimue’s Lament and you will agree that is is one of the most beautiful Celtic songs you may ever hear.

Views Read Edit View history. The couple return to their natural forms and resume their love affair. She has been misled into believing that they will help save the magical world.

alkaemy the merlin mystery

On that second page, gold alchemy symbols tell you which direction to draw the line, crossing the page to a new border square. Wes Royer Online Music Magazine February While listening to this wonderful album, full of beautiful and mystical music, as if by some magic spell of Merlin we are taken to the ancient times, more than a thousand years ago.


The lines all start at different border squares on each page of the book, indicated by silver Nimue symbols the astrological symbol for Mercury and witch hats.

Merlin Mystery

The borders contain objects that make up the solution including Latin names for plants, chemical elements, and symbols indicating direction and movement. Narration is again featured in final track, “Dream Sweet King,” which contains sounds of blowing wind and snow over a light instrumentation as the album apparently closes only a minute or so into the track.

So, do not miss The Merlin Mystery; visit the ancient magical and mysterious time, and solve the hidden mystery! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book also includes images of a variety of landmarks, and of English culture such as BeefeatersTown criers and Toby Jugs.

Typical of the celtic soundtrack style, the album has significant mood swings and deep instrumental transitions that connect the themes amongst the primarily short tracks. This is a characteristic of music of new time, new age, real future.

Every page is littered with symbols pointing to the solution including Alchemical symbolsAstrological signs and heraldic cadency symbols.

The music was composed in Tintagel which is reputed to be the birthplace of the medieval King Arthur. It’s soaring mystfry and heavenly melodies will fill your heart with immense joy. The magical force brings us to legendary land of Camelot, land of King Arthur, mighty magician Merlin and noble, brave Knights of the Round Table.

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