You can also be creative on this. Seven-Eight hours for now, we think the ten hours will be easily achieved for the final version. If the door doesn’t open, click 2 times on each lever. Give him some love. The current play time for this map is about hours. There is a house near the lake where you can buy a fishing rod and fish.

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There is a little lake and an ice cavern.

You start in your house, arfter you woke up in the night. If the door doesn’t open, click 2 times on each lever.

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All i can say is epic At the beginning of the game, you see Princess Zelda, who is captured and asks adventurecraft zelda for help. By link9 Embark on a familiar quest to leave adventurecraft zelda dreamy island of Koholint! WebsiteWool Hunter. You can see the map trailer here. Submit a new link. The main town of the game. It will however take a lot of time and I’m not used to AdventureCraft tools of anymore. If your post consists only of one sentence, it will probably be ignored.


Dead Craft is the attempt of Hivemaster to create avventurecraft map similar to Dead Space so hope you get scared: So, you’ll have to find where she’s being held and save her. The Triforce of Courage 2.

Zelda Adventure is a map currently in progress, created by Gary and helped by Spirale.

Zelda Adventure

Feel free to read the readme. There is a mill, a well and the Skulltulas’ House. You did a really great job at putting all things toghever with the maps too. Can’t wait till it’s finished. The Legend of Zelda – Mystery.

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A lake where you can fish. There are some problems in zeldaa maze with levers. The Cave where those WaterCreatures live. I have taken the initiative to post all adventurecraft zelda stuff from AdventureCraft for you all to enjoy. The Forest Temple is at the end of the Lost Woods.

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Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. The entrance to the temple is in the desert.


You can advertise maps you created for the mod. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: Ya now that you mention it, I do remember the Zora’s being frozen. A adventurecraft zelda where there is the Desert Temple. Hopefully it turns out great. I would also take the opportunity to improve many things on the map. Zzelda to add to the discussion?

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